Light Painting

I had to have a go at this.

It’s a bright, sunshiny day here so I had the camera set like so-

Shutter Speed 0″3 – Aperture F25 – ISO 100

I have it set to shoot continuously, so I went outside, pointed the thing at my rosebushes and danced around while holding down the shutter.

I’m glad my neighbors already know that I’m nuts, lol

Anyway, here’s the best of what I got

IMG_5761 IMG_5762 IMG_5763 IMG_5764 IMG_5765 IMG_5771 IMG_5772 IMG_5773 IMG_5774 IMG_5775 IMG_5780 IMG_5781 IMG_5782 IMG_5786 IMG_5788 IMG_5792 IMG_5793 IMG_5794 IMG_5795 IMG_5796 IMG_5797 IMG_5798 IMG_5799 IMG_5800 IMG_5801 IMG_5803 IMG_5804 IMG_5805 IMG_5806 IMG_5812 IMG_5813 IMG_5814 IMG_5815 IMG_5818 IMG_5755 IMG_5756 IMG_5757 IMG_5758 IMG_5759 IMG_5760

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